Technology and Innovation

SASA has developed a virtual tool named SASATOOL, which quantifies carbon and water footprints on various levels. Thus, for cities, municipal governments, companies, events, products and so on, the tool can be fitted to the target group.

SASATOOL is built with an infrastructure that can be configured in accordance to local contexts, such as emission factors, conversion factors and other variables. The results can be analyzed in a comparative context with the evaluations of past measurements and/or within different cities and stakeholders. The following list shows some of the basic functions the tool works with:

• Inventory module or baseline
• Climate planning and monitoring module to support decision making
• Cloud data storage
• Multiple users
• Allows you to configure usage permissions for different types of users
• Friendly and dynamic interface
• Pivot charts and tables
• Generation of per capita footprint indicators, cost efficiency indicators of footprint reduction measures, etc.
• Report generation
• Allows to upload supporting documentation and information verification

Additionally, SASA has developed APPs and online platforms especially for the usage of children, teenagers, adults and schools to measure their footprints individually or in groups. The aim of these tools is to increase the awareness of the public about the efficient use of resources in the framework of measurement, reduction and compensation of the footprints.

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