In 2015, with the financial support of CAF, SASA began implementing the measuring project of the Carbon Footprint of the production chain of corn in Argentina, through MAIZAR (Association of Corn Producers and Argentine Sorghum), which is one of the largest companies in maize production in the country, in partnership with the company SUSTENTABLE Argentina and technical support of the spanish Carbonfeel Network. The project consists in the development of a flexible tool for calculating the Carbon Footprint of types of corn (flint corn and generic corn) and 2 by-products (bioethanol and starch), enabling the inclusion of emission factor of primary character, stablished in the recompiled studies of MAIZAR.

The main objective of the project is to promote that companies and organizations that make up MAIZAR measure their products and services Carbon Footprint. The project also seeks to elaborate an action plan to identify Carbon Footprint reduction opportunities.


  • SASA´s ROL

    Ejecutor en alianza con la Empresa SUSTENTAR y el apoyo técnico de la red español Carbonfeel

    2015 - 2016

    - CAF banco de desarrollo para América Latina (Funder)
    - SUSTENTAR (Implementing partne)
    - Carbonfeel (Technical partner)
    - Red Nacional de Medición de Emisiones de Óxido Nitroso (Technical partner)
    - MAIZAR Asociación de Productores de Maíz y Sorgo Argentino (Beneficiary)
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